Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals 

Care for the Caring

The innovative approach that iPEC Wellbeing offers healthcare organizations is a new model for generating high performance in the workplace through a balanced combination of, not just engagement and leadership, but also wellbeing in all areas of life.

iPEC Wellbeing’s Programs for Healthcare focus on increasing:

- personal wellbeing, productivity, and focus
- satisfaction and engagement 
- physical energy levels
- quality of care provided
- communication skills
- work/life integration 
- decision making abilities
- retention of existing talent 

Areas of Support


 Individuals learn to self-monitor and self-coach their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to increase their self-awareness.



Awareness generates more options and choices. Healthcare professionals learn how to make choices to achieve the most ideal outcome for themselves, others, and the organization.


Choice creates change. Individuals receive ongoing support and feedback that enables them to integrate their new approaches, perceptions, and beliefs in a sustainable way.

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